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Mini Makeover (Half bath small changes with big impacts)

Hi guys! Okay so you could say this project was a secret because I never shared any of the process (which was hard because you know I'm an IG stories kinda girl).  However it makes the reveal that much more fun!
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Our half bath downstairs was nothing exciting...yet it's the bathroom everyone that comes over uses.  When we moved in I was able to get my husband to at least switch out the light fixture and faucet to bronze and remove the plain builder ones.  After that all I really did was switch out the silver mushroom knobs to bronze and it stayed this way for most the year.  Just recently when I repainted the dining room and the kitchen island with (NAVAL by Sherwin Williams) I also painted the back wall in the bathroom.  

OF COURSE I have no before pics of this bathroom.  Well I have this one from a Charmin Ad I did during the superbowl...hahaha I know BLOGGER FAIL.  But you can get the idea. Brown vanity and builder mirror.   

 I was finally ready to give this little bathroom a face lift and make it "fit" in more with the general feeling throughout the rest of the home.

For this project I collaborated with two amazing companies.  I used my Magnolia Home for KILZ Chalk Paint in "Shiplap" for the vanity refresh and I got the honor of working with Sukhi Rugs as the new bathroom focal rug!

You may remember Josie's nightstand makeover with the Magnolia Chalk Paint and how much I LOVED it!  After about a month of her nightstand withstanding all the playing with Calico Critters it could handle and not chipping and easily wiping down I knew I wanted to try it out on the vanity! It was such a breeze to use and the clear wax has been the best! I love how you can wipe down this wax versus some other brands that aren't so great about that. 

What a difference right?! It feels like a whole new bathroom! 

 I went up to Lowes and bought two bronze cup handles and installed them on the faux front drawers.  I always thought this vanity looked like it needed more hardware and to me this was a huge difference!

My husband and I removed the large builder mirror and I purchased this one from Walmart for only $16!! We have ten foot ceilings in the house and the light fixture was pretty high...I was worried I wouldn't find a tall enough mirror (for a decent price).  Needless to say I was pretty excited over this mirror!

It is very lightweight and obviously not hardwood but I think in person it is seriously gorgeous! It is the same quality as those BHG Live Better Mirrors. 

Now for the rug that set the whole tone for this bathroom....the star of the show.....

The Khadija Rug

When SUKHI reached out to see if I wanted to collaborate with them I was thrilled!! Anything made by artisans is always THE BEST!! This amazing rug company is no different.  They were such a pleasure to work with and even give you the option of customizing the traditional "Beni Ourain" Rug. They believe in creating something you will treasure for years. The materials they use, the techniques, they are both a big part of what they consider special while making a rug.

You can watch this heartfelt video to see exactly what goes into each and every rug. It is truly amazing.

They let you know it can take around 12 weeks for your rugs to be finished and mine came in shorter than that.  Patience is a virtue people!

This rug is seriously AMAZING!  

The girls and my husband even agree and they never have much to say about my crazy decor obsession.  I actually doubt if my husband ever even notices new rugs...well before this one!

Can you see how plush and amazing this rug is? Walking on it is like walking on a cloud. I am not exaggerating! 
Handmade by Skilled Artisans is always the way to go...the quality just can not be beat. 
These gorgeous rugs are made all over the globe and ship free worldwide!!

You can shop this grey turkish hand towel here...

So what do you think?! I could not be happier with how this bathroom turned out with such small changes! I feel like it flows with the rest of the house so much better now! 

Thanks for stopping by friends! And yes... get ready to see many more pics of this room now :)




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