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Top Sellers from SunnyChicHome Readers!

I thought I would do a little something different now that I use the LIKETOKNOW.IT app regularly in my posts.  I went over my analytics from recent purchases and figured I would share with all of you what YOU all are buying!  This helps me also decide what to share and what not to share based on what you all are actually interested in!  Without a doubt ..bathing suits! My two piece high waisted suit has been my best seller since using the LIKETOKNOW.IT app!  I'm not surprised though because the fit and quality are great...and the price is crazy awesome!  So here are the top ten best sellers! Is there anything you bought on the list? :)

1. Strappy Racerback Bikini...

2. Set of Two Vintage Leather Counter Stools.....

3. AE Midi Denim Shorts..... 4. Adidas Hat..... 5.. Needing Fame Aviators....

6. KOHLER Industrial Kitchen Faucet....
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Our weekend in the Florida Keys...

I didn't think I would ever get as many questions about a trip as I did about the Disney Cruise last year....but let me tell all had so many questions about our weekend in the keys!  So I decided to skip right over our Bahamas trip from this year and write up a Keys blog post first!
I'll keep it short and sweet!
We live in Tampa so we were able to make the drive with the girls.  It took just over 5 hours and we stopped once in Naples for some coffee and donuts.  We did meet up one day with my Uncle who flew down and he flew into Fort Lauderdale and rented a car to drive to Key Largo.  (Key Largo is the first key)
Like many of you my husband and I had been to Key West before kids and that trip involved mostly drinking and eating and drinking our way around the island.  Heading down with the kids I knew this trip would be a little different.
I chose Key Largo for the main reason that it was A.) Closest and B.) We had never been.

On Key Largo we stayed at a waterfront resort…

Tropical Guestroom Refresh [Welcome your guests with these 5 essentials you may be overlooking]

Spring Break is almost here and when you live in Florida there's a pretty good chance you are hosting some friends and family!  Bring on the sunshine and fun...lets "Getaway" in our tropical themed guestroom.
No matter where you are living having your guestroom ready for spring and summer visitors is important.  You probably remember shortly after moving in last year we made getting the guestroom up and running a priority.  Just when I had thought (and even wrote a blog about it lol) I had everything covered I realized there were some items I needed to add into our guestroom. Per request of our guests hahaha.  Just kidding! Sorta... ;)
Well first of all our fourth bedroom was originally going to be my husbands office.  However we soon realized we wanted a new king set in our master so our previous queen ended up in the office.... and it quickly became a fun new project...our tropical escape for guests!  That being said the bed had seen better days and this year I was excit…

Lets get Tropical!

Hey dolls! On Monday I took a poll to see if you all would be interested in what I'm bringing to the Caribbean and it was pretty much unanimous...92% of you are READY FOR SUMMER GOODS! Which I was obviously excited about because this year I found some awesome and affordable new bathing suits that I have been dying to share! (If you're my girlfriend you already know about these suits because I literally already text you all with BUY a swimsuit from here!) Plus some other cute vacation items that will probably become my summer staples! Okay lets get tropical!! (This post contains affiliate links)
(This little two piece set is by far MY FAVE new summer look!! I can't wait to wear it out to dinner one night!  For size reference I bought mediums in both but needed to take the top in a little)
1. Target Flutter Sleeve Top 2. Target Wrap Skirt

3.Nike Slides (perfect vacation lounge slide) 4.Tory Flip Flops(True to Size)

5.Off the Shoulder JumpSuit

6.Quay Sunglasses

7.Tory Thin Black Flip Flo…