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The Easiest Summertime Recipe That is Sure to Impress!

     The Easiest Summertime Recipe... *This is a sponsored post but all opinions and comments are mine.*       Grilling Season is here and this year it is time to impress all our friends and family! No more boring burger and hotdog cookouts...this year we are switching things up! You already know how obsessed I am with our new Current Electric Dual Zone Grill .  What I haven't talked about much is all the amazing recipes at your fingertips when you download the Current Backyard App!!     I have mentioned how useful the Current Backyard App is when it comes to monitoring your food and grill temps, but I haven't talked much about the recipes.  You can view not only basic meat and seafood grilling directions but also thoughtfully put together grilling recipes.  Whether you need to know how long to cook your drumsticks or the perfect Honey Jalapeno sauce recipe the Current Backyard App has you covered!     This past weekend I decided to show off my grilling skills with Caribbean C
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Grilling Season is Here!

 *This post is sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*          Grilling season has arrived, and I am HERE for it! Ever since we got our Current Backyard Dual Zone Electric Grill I have taken over as head griller in our home.  I love being able to prepare meals for my family but when it came to grilling Elton usually took over.  The Current Dual Zone Electric grill is so user friendly and basically fool proof that I now have the confidence to fire up the grill on my own! If the girls feel like burgers for lunch, I got it! Long over are the days where we wait around for supper so that Elton can get home and start grilling.  Since I personally love grilling out this makes life so much easier!     When it comes to burgers and steaks, I have pretty much become a pro! Seriously! It took me a little longer to feel confident in my chicken dishes, but the Current Backyard app has all the smart technology that ensures my chicken is cooked through.       This week I made a dinner of ch

Gas is the past...introducing our new electric grill by Current

                                                              *This post is sponsored but all opinions and messages below are my own.      Hey friends! As spring and summer approach I wanted to introduce you to a game changer when it comes to backyard entertaining.  We recently switched over to a 100% electric grill.  If you were wondering what an electric grill might look like.....check out this beauty by  Current.     Current has designed one of the best looking grills I have ever seen!  Elton came home from work one day last week and literally said, "Wow! That's a good-looking grill!".  All this straight from a guy who builds outdoor kitchens weekly.  I obviously love the look as well, but I have to tell you the highlights of this grill go on and on!!      The  Current  electric grill is a smart addition to your backyard, literally.  This grill features Wi-Fi enabled control, meaning you do not even need to man the grill; you can literally monitor the cooking process f

Sail Away with Margaritaville At Sea!

 Margaritaville at Sea Disclaimer: This was a hosted trip onboard Margaritaville At Sea.  All opinions and remarks below are my own and based on my own experience.  If the title includes Margaritaville you can be pretty sure there is fun involved! I can say this based on experience! When I got the opportunity to sail with  Margaritaville At Sea there was zero hesitation.  Combining cruise life, the Caribbean and about a good time!  This cruise line takes off from The Port of Palm Beach which is about 3 hours if you are traveling from Tampa.  It's a two night cruise that takes off all week long.  We chose the weekend version meaning we boarded Friday and came back on Sunday.  (A fun addition to this cruise is an add on called "Cruise and Stay" where you can actually spend a few nights in the Bahamas at a resort) The boat itself is an older ship but has been updated and refurbished.  It actually just recently went through another "refresh" a

Family trip to Daytona Beach and Max Beach Resort!

                                                            Disclaimer    *Thank you to Max Beach Resort for hosting us on this stay.  All opinions written about our stay are my own.*            Daytona Beach has been   on my travel list for a while! Over the past three years we would stop and grab lunch in Daytona but it was always while driving through the area.  This past weekend I packed up the family and we spent three days exploring Daytona Beach and enjoying ourselves at the most beautiful resort!!          Daytona Beach is about a 2-2 1/2 hour drive from Tampa which makes it the perfect weekend getaway! We arrived on a Friday afternoon, the sun was shining and we were ready for some fun!      We stayed at The Max Beach Resort   which is an all new luxury condo resort.  From the moment we arrived I could tell we were going to love this place!!  We stayed in a three bedroom oceanfront condo.  Each room came with their own full bathroom, there was a spacious full kitchen, fami