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Family trip to Daytona Beach and Max Beach Resort!

                                                            Disclaimer    *Thank you to Max Beach Resort for hosting us on this stay.  All opinions written about our stay are my own.*            Daytona Beach has been   on my travel list for a while! Over the past three years we would stop and grab lunch in Daytona but it was always while driving through the area.  This past weekend I packed up the family and we spent three days exploring Daytona Beach and enjoying ourselves at the most beautiful resort!!          Daytona Beach is about a 2-2 1/2 hour drive from Tampa which makes it the perfect weekend getaway! We arrived on a Friday afternoon, the sun was shining and we were ready for some fun!      We stayed at The Max Beach Resort   which is an all new luxury condo resort.  From the moment we arrived I could tell we were going to love this place!!  We stayed in a three bedroom oceanfront condo.  Each room came with their own full bathroom, there was a spacious full kitchen, fami
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Visit Orlando's Magical Dining + Magical Nights

        *Disclaimer.  Thank you to Visit Orlando for hosting my family for a weekend of Magical Dining/Magical Nights.  All opinions in this blog post are my own.    Orlando is without a doubt one of my families favorite weekend escapes! No matter the time of year there is always fun happenings, parks, and beautiful resorts ready to serve up the FUN! That being said September now holds one of our favorite experiences...Visit Orlando's Magical Nights/Magical Dining.      You may remember us going last September and literally having the best time together.  It's a perfect opportunity to have a fabulous weekend getaway and enjoy less crowded resorts and parks. In addition to that, Visit Orlando's Magical Dining lets you experience a 3 course prix-fixe dinner at one of Orlando's best restaurants. The price is just $40.00 a person and $1 from every meal goes to support The Able Trust, an organization helping with employment opportunities for people with disabilities.  You c

The Home Depot's exclusive light bulb brand, EcoSmart.

 *Disclaimer- This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. All opinions are my own. Thank you to The Home Depot for sponsoring this post! Post contains affiliate links.*     Choosing light bulbs for your home can get pretty overwhelming.  The light bulb aisle alone is intimidating!! I have learned over the years that a brand I can count on is EcoSmart.  EcoSmart light bulbs are sold exclusively at The Home Depot and make choosing the right light bulbs for your home easy!      This past May EcoSmart launched a new line of Innovative Feature Light Bulbs in store and online.  I wanted to go over some of my favorite light bulbs from the line and their unique features, not to mention the quality and price value you can expect from The Home Depot.       I have always wanted dimmable lights in the master bedroom and EcoSmart has launched a new LED 60 watt replacement (uses only 9.5 watts) built in dimming light bulb! Yes, built in dimming! This light bulb has a small switch that allows you to

Project: Let's get organized!

*Disclaimer- This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.  All opinions are my own. Thank you to The Home Depot for sponsoring this post! Post contains affiliate links.*  Hi friends!! I hope you all enjoyed the holiday season.  I don't know about you but I get so stressed out when I know I need to pack up all the seasonal decor.  You could say my garage organization system is every department!  I have no real shelving system in place, mixed with broken and mismatched tubs and bins.   Living in Florida (with no basement) could be to blame but honestly I just desperately needed to get organized.  When I submitted this project to The Home Depot I was hoping they would think the same! Luckily they did!! The turnaround was quick!! The whole project took about two weeks so if you are looking for some instant gratification this is the project for you!  I constantly used  The Home Depot Mobile App  throughout this whole project.  If you haven't downloaded it yet to your dev

Give the gift of presence this year! My guide to gifting Experiences!!

 Aside from the "panic" of Chistmas gift shopping in August due to shortages of everything I had decided early on that I wanted to give the girls more experiences vs toys/presents this year.  It got me thinking of all the ways I could "gift" them items that weren't just things that would be short lived and end up in the back of their closet by February.  Here is a list of items to get the ball rolling if you too are wanting to gift much more than toys this some memories!  1. Amusement Parks .  I know this is easier for us Floridians but it doesn't have to be as extravagant as Disney or Universal Studios.  Think of local amusement parks, zoo passes, aquarium passes, resort hotels (Great Wolf Lodge etc). 2. A night away at a hotel! You can order food and watch a love hotel stays!  3. Lessons.   This is the perfect time of year to gift lessons to anything your child has shown interest in.  Music, art, sports.  There are even amazing o

Our new two-tone kitchen!

*Disclaimer- This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.  All opinions are my own. Thank you to The Home Depot for sponsoring this post! Post contains affiliate links.* It's finished!! I know you all have been waiting patiently for me to show pictures of this project! I tried to keep things, for the most part, underwraps because we all love a good BEFORE and AFTER! Am I right?! Talk about your mood board becoming a reality!! I am in LOVE with this kitchen. With the help of the Home Depot's mobile app product locator I was able to make sure all the items I wanted were in stock before purchasing.  Plus I was able to read the product reviews and get all the information I needed quickly!  Before I share any more looks at the new kitchen let's take a glance at it before the project got started.   Also just for some extra fun let's throw in what the kitchen looked like 5 years ago when we bought the house!   I'm pretty sure I have never shared these pictures before.  When