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Top Ten Items For a Cozy Home This Season (around or under $100)

The holiday season is here! Pumpkins and fall candles will soon turn into Christmas trees and twinkling lights....and I'm not mad about it! September though January is such a fun time to decorate our homes.  Aside from all the seasonal decor I've rounded up my top ten items that will make your home extra cozy this year! I also made sure all these items are right around or UNDER $100! Yep!  All these home items can be displayed all year round if you wanted and only add to that "homey" feel!  Happy Shopping!  My top 10 items for a cozy Home: 1. Classic Jute Rug   (Linked HERE $123) 2.Glass Lamp with burlap Shade  (Linked HERE $59) 3.Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree   (Linked HERE $129) 4. Basket for your fiddle leaf fig tree  (Linked HERE $49) 5. Textured accent lumbar pillow  (Linked HERE $24) 6. Floor Pouf  (Linked HERE $75) 7. Pom Pom Throw Blanket  (Linked HERE $39) 8. Large Fillable glass Hurricane  (Linked HERE $59)

Kitchen Counter & Bar stools for every design taste and budget

There is a sale going on right now at one of my favorite "go to" online shopping retailers that I just had to share! Counter and bar stools marked down to some pretty amazing prices! (Of course my personal counter stools are also on the list...) Click on any link (above) the picture of the counter stools you're interested in to shop! Lots of the ones I chose for this list actually come in a set of two! BONUS! And did I mention most are way under $200!!! 1.  Traditional Studded Grey 2.  Clear Back Counter Stools 3. Industrial (Dupes for the $600 version!!) 4. Saddle Stools 5. Vintage Leather (These are Mine :) 6.  Clear Minimalist 7. Grey Traditional backless stools 8. French Bistro 9. Modern Farmhouse Anything catch your eye? I am such a fan of the "French Bistro" counter stools and chairs right now! And those prices are pretty incredible...I was searching those out for awhile in the beginni