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DIY Pom Wreath

  I have wanted to make one of these Pom wreaths ever since I saw people making them last Christmas! Ha! Better late than never right?! Apparently there is a Pom Maker you can buy at the craft store but I found this easy and fast way to make the poms effective and cheaper! Supplies ~4 Bundles of a thick (large loop) yarn ~Straw Wreath ~Hot Glue Gun ~Ribbon (optional to hang) To begin making your poms wrap the yarn around your hand about 35-40 times.  For most of mine I did 37 wraps. Cut it free from the  yarn bundle.   Slide the wrapped yarn off your hand and place on top of a 8-9 " long piece of yarn. Tie together the two end pieces .  Slide your scissors into the looped yarn on each side and cut.  Fluff out the pom and cut any uneven pieces.  There is your pom pom!  I dabbed a bit of hot glue and held it on to my straw wreath for about 10 seconds.  You will make three rows of Poms on y

Low Calorie Margarita?! Yes Please!

Margaritas are a favorite cocktail of mine but sometimes store bought mixes can be full of sugar and's the solution! ~  4 oz of Sparkling ICE (sparkling water) in Lemon Lime ~ 1 1/2 ounces of Tequila (your choice) ~ 1 fresh squeezed Lime  ~ Fresh squeezed orange juice (to your taste)  Shake it all up with some ice, pour into a salt rimmed glass and add a lime slice for garnish. ENJOY! 

Summer Vacation

  Hello Marco Island! This year we decided to take our family vacation a little more south and head down to Marco Island, Florida.  My husband and I had been there once before over Christmas of 2009 but had not used the beaches and figured it was time to go back.  I decided to book through Hilton (which is usually our "go to" hotel choice.  I knew we wanted to be directly on the beach because it just makes everything go smoother especially with the girls.  There isn't many large hotel chains on the Island..I believe just the Hilton and Marriott.  The Hilton welcomed us with a little note and bag of seashells we could take home. Such a sweet way to begin our vacation!   The first thing we did that day was explore around the island and stop for lunch.  We ended up in a cute complex on the water made up of marinas, eateries, shopping and bars. The views were absolutely stunning. The rest of our days were filled with pool and beach time!!

Casual & Comfy Summer Outfit

Hello friends!! I'm headed out to lunch with girlfriends today and wanted to share this super comfy and cute outfit with all of you! I got this tank a couple weeks ago and I'm in LOVE! It is so comfortable! 1. Tank - Leith from Nordstrom 2. Midi Cotton Skirt - Marshalls 3. Sunglasses - Black Ray-Ban Wayfarer in the Oversized Version 4. Multi Color Sandals - Fergalicious 5. Watch - Rolex  6. Faux Pearl Bracelet Stack - Bealls 7. Purse - Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 in the Damier Ebene

Easy & Affordable ways to increase Curb Appeal

It's been five years since we bought our house and just last summer we finally got around to painting the outside.  Sometimes making the exterior of your home the way you want can cost a pretty penny.  However not ALL exterior upgrades are expensive and can still make a BIG impact on your curb appeal.   I've made a list of minor adjustments you can make to your front exterior that are affordable and will increase your homes curb appeal. 1. Paint your front door! It only takes a little paint and time to change up your front door to a color that suits you and your family more.  2. Replace or repair your mailbox.  This was one of the first things we did moving in.  Getting a new mailbox or even just painting your existing one makes such a big impact on the appearance of your front yard!  3. Shutters! When I say this I mean add, remove, replace or paint! Maybe you don't want your shutters..take them down and see if you like that better.  If you don'

4th of July Tablescape..using what you already have to dress up your holiday table!

4TH of JULY backyard tablescape!  As usual I love to get our back patio ready for the weekend and Holiday weekends are even better!! Outdoor entertaining is probably one of my favorite things to do! However constantly buying new table decor can cost a pretty penny. For my 4th of July tablescape I decided to use what I had first before going out and purchasing new items.    To begin I brought out my backyard staple item (the galvanized tray) .  I had my daughter make a festive flag table runner to use as the main focal point.  Previously on Target runs I had picked up the star straws and the little white "Stars & Stripes" sign. (Both a dollar!)   The red and white and blue pom poms the girls had in their dramatic play bin so I grabbed those and placed them in my Target Olive bucket for some height.  I had no flag napkins and was considering running up to Dollar Tree for some but as I looked through my "napkin collection" (we all have one rig