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Gas is the past...introducing our new electric grill by Current

                                                              *This post is sponsored but all opinions and messages below are my own.      Hey friends! As spring and summer approach I wanted to introduce you to a game changer when it comes to backyard entertaining.  We recently switched over to a 100% electric grill.  If you were wondering what an electric grill might look like.....check out this beauty by  Current.     Current has designed one of the best looking grills I have ever seen!  Elton came home from work one day last week and literally said, "Wow! That's a good-looking grill!".  All this straight from a guy who builds outdoor kitchens weekly.  I obviously love the look as well, but I have to tell you the highlights of this grill go on and on!!      The  Current  electric grill is a smart addition to your backyard, literally.  This grill features Wi-Fi enabled control, meaning you do not even need to man the grill; you can literally monitor the cooking process f