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Card Catalog Keepsake Box

Happy Wednesday! Up for grabs today is this adorable  Card Catalog Keepsake Box  I just found on Wayfair!  It is perfect for any desk, office space or counter! I love how it's so unique and for only $16.00!

TIME To Shop!

It's Tuesday again which means it's "TIME" to shop! This weeks Metal Wall Clock  is such a deal!! At a stunning 20" in diameter this clock makes the perfect focal point on any large wall..dining room..foyer...anywhere! Now for the best part, it's only $44.29! Shipping is a steal too so hurry before the sale price is gone! XOXO Links Provided by Amazon Affiliate Program

Flipping Out!

Okay guys so our latest house flip is finished and I couldn't be more happy with the end result! We bought this house in January and slowly renovated due to (the Condo Flip) and the fact that part of the buying disclosure stated we couldn't resell the house in under 3 months time.  This house is in a great established neighborhood and we were so excited to give the neighbors a beautiful corner house to look at instead of this eyesore!  A few of the issues with this house besides an entire gut of the inside were 1. No AC unit 2. No hot water heater 3. Sketchy electrical job in the sunroom and laundry room 4. HUGE leak from an open pipe that was dumping water outside front exterior (causing rotten wood) 5. Water pipes not correctly connected in shower 6. Ceilings needed some new beams to support fans and lights in each bedroom. 7.Wall between the two bathrooms taken down to make one large bathroom with two toilets (looking at eachother) Haha! People are crazy! OKAY

Fridays Most Wanted!

Get ready because all five of "Fridays Most Wanted" will give you the heart eyes!!  First off this  Metal 2-Tier Tray  !! Can you handle how gorgeous it is?! I always get asked about my tier tray in the kitchen and this is a great price for such a beauty!  Okay I know we all love our coffee mugs so why not display them with this super cute  Mug Holder to keep by your coffee bar! This price is ridiculous too! I mean cmon..$19.99!!  I have one of these Barnwood Arrow  in our family room and it's such a great piece of wall art.  They can be added to almost any decor to bring the perfect touch of rustic! Okay, how cute is this  Framed Rustic Blackboard Home Rules ?! If you follow my Instagram Page you know how hard it was for me to erase my large blackboard of "house rules" when I switch it out for the seasons.  This is the perfect solution for me! For $13.40 I can now have my cute rustic "house rules" and my ow

TIME To Shop!

I've decided to start a fun new weekly blog post "Time To Shop" dedicated all to CLOCKS! That's right! Clocks have become a such a huge staple piece in today's home decor.  They are far more than just a piece to tell us the time. I'm not even going to lie..I once bought a cute mantle clock at Good Will even after the cashier told me it was broken! Who needs to tell time..I have my phone for that! I wanted it strictly as home decor! So without further is this Tuesdays clock pick! This  Industrial Rustic Wall Clock  stopped me in my tracks! Hands down I knew it would be my first "Clock Feature" for this new fun weekly blog post! And seriously come on..the price! Under $70 for a clock this size! (20" diameter) oh and did I mention FREE shipping! You're welcome! :)  XOXO

More Exciting Affiliate News!

Hey lovely friends! I'm excited to announce I've teamed up with Amazon to become their newest affiliate! This means I can now directly link awesome products and deals I find for you! All you'll need to do is click! :)  "Tracy Alves is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to"" XOXO

Condo Flip (Round Two!)

A few months back we renovated a small one bedroom condo in a popular area of Tampa.  The renovation was fast and fun...and the unit sold quickly! Basically it needed updating, all cosmetic when we don't have to deal with new roofs, plumbing, electric, AC issues etc,  flipping can actually be quite enjoyable! Just kidding! We love taking on these projects no matter how big or small.  (That being said we did run into a few problems with this units water heater and the floors not being level...basically there is no easy job!)  Anywaysss a month later my husband saw another unit in this complex pop up and we knew we wanted it! This also meant we would be working on the FlipHouse that we had just closed on as well...but we were ready!   This unit had a different layout than the last one and the kitchen was extremely tiny and set up more as studio kitchen/living room.  The appliances were also small so I knew when we took the measurements for new cabinets that I wanted to pu