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It's almost here....

As most of you know this summer I began putting into action one of my ultimate dreams! Opening a boutique!  I can't even begin to explain how much I have always dreamt about this.  When I left teaching around 8 years ago I actually did open a small online store selling brand name, slightly used childrens clothes. I had such high hoped of tuning it into a brick and mortar store eventually.  The store was called "Adam & Ava" after my firstborn.  I learned right away I was not at the point in my life (at home with a newborn) to commit to something so time demanding.  Sadly after the merchandise all sold I closed it down and focused on being home.  
Fast forward to today.  My blog and my social influencing platforms have opened so many doors for me and I feel like I am finally ready to begin this dream again.  Only this time alllll the things I have focused on and loved about SunnyChicHome will be the main platform of the store.  Clothes, accessories and home decor! It …

Nordstrom Anniversary SALE. My top ten picks!

I took some time today to go through the sale since yesterday's poll was about 50/50 on who was shopping the sale.  I found that a lot of pieces were from previous sales (but great staple pieces) for example the SPANX leggings.  I bought them last year during this sale which is the best time.  I also found the cardigans to be good priced BUT so many of them are now duplicated on Amazon.  The leopard booties I linked are my favorite by far! I also found LOTS of good Home sales.  Especially if you are in the market for new bedding! Lots of throw blankets on sale too! Below you'll find my TOP TEN! Thanks again for shopping through my links! :) You all are the best! 

SPANX faux leather leggings  ($64.00  after sale $98.00)

BP lightweight Sweater  ($25.00 after sale $39.00)

Classic V-neck Tee   ($11.90 after sale $15.00)

Leopard Tee ($15.00 after sale $25.00)

Rockstar Bootie  ($79.00 after sale $119.00)

Volcano Candle (($22.00 after sale $35.00)

Textured Throw ($65.00 after sale $99.00)


Summer Safety! (Prevent Needless Deaths Awareness Campaign)

Hi friends! I hope everyone has been enjoying the beginning of summer vacation! I am excited and honored to be collaborating with The Childrens Board of Hillsborough County for the Prevent Needless Deaths Awareness Campaign! This is such an important topic especially when the summer months roll around. Water safety is something I have touched upon for years since we not only live in Florida and are surrounded by bodies of water but also since my children have grown up in pool homes. I hope that you read this short and informative blog post that I'm sharing today (thanks to the Prevent Needless Deaths Awareness Campaign) and help keep our children safe this summer!

Keep your kids safe during summer break 
Summer often means pool parties, family barbeques, staycations and vacations. You may have friends and family members in the house, which makes it harder to keep track of everyone.
These situations – when you’re distracted, stressed or out of your routine – can be dangerous fo…
Summer is less than a month away and I'm relinking my top five favorite family vacations for you all!! We probably take three to four vacations a year (it's easy being in Florida to get in the car and drive to a new beautiful location!) and these five always stand out as great family destinations! 
MIAMI (Sunny Isles Beach)
We've now been to this particular resort five times!! And I know a lot of you actually went and stayed as well.  I'm not sure my husband and I would stay here on a "couples" getaway...just because it is further from some of the main attractions/bars/restaurants and South Beach...but for a family trip WE LOVE IT!!

Read all about one of our stays at Marenas .....Family Getaway in Miami

Marco Island
Not too far away from Miami brings us to our next location. Marco Island!!! One of my FAVORITE trips was to Marco Island with the girls.  It was just so relaxing and low key and perfect! Literally.  When I think back to past vacations my husband and…

Getting your home ready for SPRING with BabbleBoxx!

Hey friends!! I am so excited to be sharing another BabbleBoxx with you all!! And this time it's all about the HOME! This box has some amazing products in it..some I had already heard of and some I hadn't but I can honestly say I now love them all! Are you ready?!  (This post has been sponsored by
N-Hance Wood Refinishing:

So who has thought about getting their kitchen cabinets painted? Bathroom vanities perhaps? I HAVE! Some of you may remember in our previous house I painted (chalk painted) our kitchen cabinets and I swore to never do it again.  It was such hard work and they needed to be retouched not once but twice while we lived there.  When we moved into our current house I asked around for some professional recommendations for painting cabinetry and the company N-Hance got mentioned quite a few times.  While we haven't taken the plunge yet I can now say my husband and I are so excited! They use an ultraviolet light curing technology that leaves the c…

BEST of Beauty!!

It's finally here! It took me two months...but honestly that just gave me more time to decide if I really LOVED some of the newer products I had found over December! When I asked you all what you really wanted to see come the new year the answer was very wanted a blog post of my favorite "go to" beauty products!  Most of the items you can pick up/order right from Target or Amazon or even the drugstore.  Some are super budget friendly and some are a bit more of a splurge.  I do take price into consideration but my main decision is how it works and how conveniently I can get it when I run out! (and who is kidding who here..I like a good deal!)
Below you can find all my everyday items that I swear by and LOVE! I've also included the direct affiliate links to them all!! Super easy and super convenient!
You may recall me talking about how I look more into my beauty products than I did a few years ago.  I try to find more natural items especially for the product…

10 Affordable Valentines Day Decor Items with AmazonHome

If you're seeing all the cute Valentines Day decor items popping up in your social media feeds and want to join in...but honestly you're still recovering from the ChristmasHangover and who really wants to spend money on Valentines Day Decor this is the blog post for YOU! I searched through AmazonPrime to find the best 10 deals all around $20 or less to add a little "LOVE" into your home decor without really spending much.  
All Items can be found on my Amazon Storefront "Gifts For the HOME Lover" *This store is a partnership with Amazon and I make a small percentage on items purchased. Thank you all always.. for supporting my blog!*

SHOP Valentines Day Heart Banner SHOP LED light up board
SHOP Hearts Door Mat
SHOP I love you sign
SHOP Love You More Block
SHOP Love You More Block
SHOP light up LOVE 
SHOP Hearts Dish Towels
SHOP Galvanized Heart Pitcher SHOP Wooden Distressed LOVE letters
SHOP Homesick LOVE Candle