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BEST of Beauty!!

It's finally here! It took me two months...but honestly that just gave me more time to decide if I really LOVED some of the newer products I had found over December! When I asked you all what you really wanted to see come the new year the answer was very wanted a blog post of my favorite "go to" beauty products!  Most of the items you can pick up/order right from Target or Amazon or even the drugstore.  Some are super budget friendly and some are a bit more of a splurge.  I do take price into consideration but my main decision is how it works and how conveniently I can get it when I run out! (and who is kidding who here..I like a good deal!) Below you can find all my everyday items that I swear by and LOVE! I've also included the direct affiliate links to them all!! Super easy and super convenient! You may recall me talking about how I look more into my beauty products than I did a few years ago.  I try to find more natural items especially fo