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Master Bathroom Update: Small Changes BIG Impact

Ever since moving into our home three years ago the only room in the house that I never touched..or really even decorated was our master bathroom.  To be honest I found it hard to even get inspired to decorate it because it just felt so blah.  After the new year I knew I wanted to take on a small, bigger project (does that make sense?) You know.. a project that takes more time than just a coat of fresh paint and some new decor items.  I was torn between updating our kitchen backsplash and our master bath.  I finally decided on the bath, obviously. Below I am going to share some before pics and give you all the affiliate links to everything purchased. (Thanks for using my links!)  I will also be going over the vanity painting since that is what I got messaged about the most.  The before and after is so dramatic to me it's crazy we didn't even touch the soaking tub or shower.  I also wanted to point out if changing the floors is too much of a DIY for you everything e