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Drink your greens AND wear your greens!

I know, I know....I have been super annoying sharing my favorite new morning smoothie on Instagram stories all month! Hahaha! I have also tried to always answer the questions about the recipe but I figured a blog post would make life easier! I found this smoothie (well a version of it) when I bought Kristin Cavallari's book "Balancing in Heels" right after the new year.  She mentions a smoothie almost identical to this one that she likes to drink in the morning! Also for anyone wondering I LOVE this book! It's a fun, easy read loaded with information that can make changing our lifestyle easy! Since getting this book I would say my family is eating probably 75% GMO free and literally all I buy is organic now.  I have also switched out cows milk for almond and coconut! Back to the smoothie! I keep it very simple and if my husband is drinking one with me I just increase the almond milk and double the protein scoop! RECIPE: (one serving) - 1 cup almond milk -

Take me to the beach.....

You all know my little family and I are basically beach bums!  I think my favorite place in the whole world is the favorite clothes are summer clothes and well we all know my two little minis are practically mermaids! We are pumped because next month we all head down to Mexico and then in March we head down to the Bahamas on the Disney Cruise!!  With all these fun tropical destinations I thought I would get a jump start on my summer wardrobe refresh! Some of the items below I actually bought last summer and LOVE them so much I just bought more in different colors! (Like those sandals! Honestly! I stopped buying/wearing almost all my Tory Burch flip flops because these Ipanema flops are crazy comfy!)  (This post contains affiliate links) Okay obvious beach staple...the fedora! You can find mine here...... Bold Summertime Fedoras (Small/Medium, Natural) The perfect summer tote is my Longchamp!  These bags are waterproof and fold up super tiny which mak

Ready, Set, Go!!

Happy Tuesday friends! This morning we officially close on the first flip of 2017! I know I previously blogged the "before" pictures of the condo and I hope you got the chance to check it out! The ideas are flying around over here and Elton and I are so excited to get into another project! (It feels like it's been forever!) I am THRILLED to announce I am now a World Market affiliate so I'll be able to finally link up all the amazing light fixtures we put into our properties for you! Elton and I just went over the plans for both bathrooms and I can't wait to get started! It looks like demo day will begin tomorrow and hopefully by the weekend we start the renovation! I am trying to head in the direction of modern/beachy/chic for this project... if that makes sense!  In the meantime I thought I would share what's trending at World Market on the blog! (This post contains Affiliate Links)   Just CLICK the blue link to see ALL the goodies that are the to

Our Master Bedroom Flooring

Last night as I was showing a neighbor around the house (for a girls wine fun right?!!) I realized that I hadn't shared our master flooring and office flooring!! You guys this floor was literally a STEAL! Every single person that has come to see the new house LOVES these floors! Okay, so back to the beginning... when we were picking out the carpet for upstairs my husband and I both decided we didn't want the master bedroom to get new carpet.  It is the only bedroom on the first floor and the entire rest of the house already had tile.  I personally did not want wood tile in the bedroom just because I felt the need for something "softer".  Getting new hardwoods wasn't exactly in the budget so we decided to check out laminates.  Now, let me start by saying I have never liked laminate. You all know as soon as we buy fixer upper properties we ALWAYS rip out the laminate.  I just think it looks cheap.  Well...I was so impressed with all the laminate

First flip of oldie but goodie!

Hey guys!! I am so excited to kick off 2017 the exact way we did 2016...with a condo flip in our favorite little community!!  You may remember last year we did two condo flips in the same community that were fast and fun! They sell super quickly (because of the area) and I have the freedom to make some more fun/modern/trendy design choices than I would in a more traditional area.   It is always important to know your buyers, know your community and do your homework!   These condos come on the market rarely and when they do you have to act fast! We were beyond thrilled to get another!  The closing is next week and my head is already spinning with ideas! I originally was planning to finally take the plunge and do black cabinets however this kitchen is small...that is just a fact.  No matter how much we open it up I just feel like I need to put white cabinets.  So that was kind of a bummer but there's always the next house!  Okay are the "befores" in

Our baluster coffee table.....

Ever since we moved into our new home the question/comments I receive the most are always about our coffee table. (This post contains affiliate links provided by Wayfair)    I always wanted a baluster style coffee table ever since I first set my eyes on one in a Restoration Hardware magazine years ago.  With the price tag being a should I say it... wayy out of my budget, I didn't think I would actually ever get one.  Then when we were furniture shipping for the new house I found this table at a local Furniture store and literally had a jaw dropping moment.  Not only was it under budget but it was huge and gorgeous!  Well... last week while shopping online I spotted the table and the matching side table we bought! Woohoo! Now I can directly link it for you guys!  Table Affiliate Link.... HERE Happy Monday Friends!  XOXO

Our newest addition (Blue Rug Obsession)

Good Morning Friends!  Over break we added another BLU-tiful rug to the household.   In case you haven't noticed blue is kind of the running theme in this house ( Our Coastal Craftsman ) and I can't seem to get enough.  The kitchen needed a runner but I couldn't find one that was the exact length I wanted so instead I ordered a 3x5 rug.  This post contains affiliate links provided by Wayfair. When you walk in my house you see the dining room rug (Link to buy dining room rug HERE  ) and it has so many beautiful colors and keeps the room feeling light and bright.  The kitchen has a lot of light too but I didn't want something AS light just because I knew it would get a lot of traffic/ and or kitchen accidents.   I almost went with the blue family room rug because FOR REAL it is SO gorgeous and SO soft (Link to buy family room rug HERE  ) but I knew I wanted to make sure I had some aqua and just different shades of blue really to play with in the kitc