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Valentines Day Gifts (Under $50)

I've rounded up the top ten Valentines Day Gifts for YOU and they are all under $50 and ship free! (So basically you can also just buy something for yourself..or a few things..or for your mom or for your bestie or for your sister!  I think I included everyone from the coffee drinker to the champagne lover to the bag lady and of course the candle burner :) XOXO 1.  Monogram Jewelry Box ($24) 2.  BaubleBar Tassel Earrings ($48) 3.  LOVE necklace ($44) 4.  Bliss Plush Throw ($39) 5.  Sole Society Purse ($49) 6.  Pretty Lady Mug ($16) 7.  Set Of LOVE champagne Glasses ($47) 8. Rose Candle ($30) 9. Jersey Bath Robe ($22) 10.  Amazing Grace ($20)

Front Porch Refresh with Patio Lane!

If Florida could go ahead and turn the heat back on that would be grrrreat! We are currently having our second round of "winter" down here and honestly there is only one reason I'm not enjoying's destroying all my tropical plants and turning all the grass brown. far as the cooler temps I actually love them! I'm sure you all have noticed we use our new fireplace outback multiple times a week BUT what I haven't been showing a lot of is our front porch.  Truth be told that's because the chairs we had up front got moved to the back after the pool and patio were finished.  Sooooo the porch (one of my favorite spots) has sat empty.  But not anymore!! When we first moved into this house there wasn't actually enough room on the small back lanai for all the patio furniture we had.  So my two large arm chairs went to the porch. Which was fantastic.  On the weekends the girls would go to bed and we would have a glass of wine out fron

New Year..New Goals!! (Ketogenic Lifestyle)

As most of you know I have (for years) tried to follow a low carb lifestyle.  However that has sort of been a Monday-Thursday lifestyle. Ha! Only once before ...the months leading up to our wedding back in 2010... did I follow (along with my husband) a strict KETO diet.   This post may contain affiliate links. Well this year we are both ready to get back into shape and start making better choices that don't only take place four out of the 7 days in a week. 2018 is shaping up to be a great year! We have lots of exciting travel plans, my husband is turning 40, we both have new business goals on our agendas and we not only want all that energy that comes along with a ketogenic lifestyle..we need it! To get us started and back into the right mind frame I found a great "beginners" book that does a fantastic job explaining how and why the KETO lifestyle works and just exactly what happens to your body.  It also has two whole weeks planned out menu