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"Friday Favorites" End Tables under $100

" Friday Favorites" is back this week and I'm sharing six different styled End Tables that will cost you under $100!!  (Most are on SALE so take advantage of the deal!) All Links are provided by the Wayfair affiliate program. 1.  Liberte End Table  $73.99 2.  Altra End Table  $99.99 3.  Copper Accent Table  $56.99 3. St. Croix End Table  $71.30  4.  Caribou End Table  $85.99 5.  HourG lass End Table  $80.99 6. Braunsen End Table  $87.99

What's for dinner? Easy foil bake packets!

Today I wanted to share my " Easy Foil Bake " packet dinners that involve little prep and little clean up! Win Win right?! Ingredients: -1 bag of medium raw shrimp (peeled and tail off) -1 package of a beef smoked sausage (I buy Hillshire Farms Beef Sausage) Slice Thin. -1 small bag of baby red potatoes cut into halves. -2 Ears of corn (Cut into two) -3 Tbsp olive oil -cajun seasoning -black pepper -chopped parsley  Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Cut out four sheets of aluminum foil.  I make mine about 12 inches long approx. 2. In a bowl combine the shrimp, sausage, potatoes, olive oil, cajun seasoning (add your preferred amount) and pinch of pepper. Mix until all ingredients are coated.  Divide up and place spoonfuls onto the foil squares. 3. Fold up the foil packets until each one is "sealed" In the meantime you can start boiling water for your corn, 4. Place the foil packets on a baking sheet and place in oven.  Bake for aroun

Easy "Family Approved" Apple Crisp

Each year when Fall rolls around I can't help myself but start baking...everything! Pumpkins, Apples you name it..I want to bake delicious desserts with all the season goodies! my household the man of the house isn't a big apple guy and the girls were turned off by the oat topping on every single apple crisp, apple crumble. apple bake I ever made.  I decided to just omit the oats and keep the crisp, basically just serving up the deliciousness inside of an apple pie.  It was a HIT. My husband still calls it his favorite fall dessert (and HELLO it has apples in it lol) and the girls literally scoop this stuff down like its ice cream.  Oh with that being said this is excellent with some vanilla ice cream!  Ingredients: Topping: -1/2 cup Flour -1/2 cup brown sugar -1/2 tsp baking powder -1/4 tsp ground cinnamon -1/3 cup unsalted butter (I cut these into small will want the butter room temp) -pinch of salt  Filling: -5 Large Granny Smit

Balsamic Chicken and broccoli Salad

I haven't posted any new recipes lately because honestly our dinners have been very straight forward..a meat and a veggie..for the past month.  Tonight I mixed it up a little with a last minute salad that turned out super delicious! Quick, easy and family approved!  Ingredients: -Thin Sliced raw Chicken Strips -oregano -olive oil -balsamic Vinegar -Green Giant Seasoned Broccoli Steam Bags -Arugula  -Fresh Parm Directions: -Toss your chicken strips into a frying pan over medium/high heat.  Add about 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil.  Sprinkle each tender with oregano -Let the chicken cook for about 6 minutes and flip to the other side.  Add more oregano. -Throw the seasoned broccoli bag in the microwave (following heating directions on the bag) -Keep checking chicken until its cooked through.  Once chicken is white and cooked throughout add balsamic vinegar all over the strips.  Turn heat down to medium and just let sit.  The balsamic will coat the chicken..leave on he

Fall Tablescape

I decided to put together my Fall Tablescape to help me get in the autumn spirit! We have so many things going on right now that pulling out all my decor and messing around with decorating isn't my top priority. Although, I would like to get in the swing of things so dressing my table always helps! I haven't bought much new decor this season..just the faux marble pumpkin you will see pictured (Dollar Spot) and that amazing wreath I found at Marshalls a few weeks ago.  That being said for this Tablescape I simply "shopped" around what I had brought out of storage already.  There are no real pumpkins out yet down here in Florida so I only used my faux ones. Which works out fine because I heart them!  I wanted to make this Tablescape to be a little different than previous years (plus my leaf placemats are still buried away in the garage lol) so I went looking through the linen closet on a mission.  I ended up pulling out some summer green cloth placemats from