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Top Ten Items For a Cozy Home This Season (around or under $100)

The holiday season is here! Pumpkins and fall candles will soon turn into Christmas trees and twinkling lights....and I'm not mad about it! September though January is such a fun time to decorate our homes.  Aside from all the seasonal decor I've rounded up my top ten items that will make your home extra cozy this year! I also made sure all these items are right around or UNDER $100! Yep!  All these home items can be displayed all year round if you wanted and only add to that "homey" feel!  Happy Shopping! 
My top 10 items for a cozy Home:
1. Classic Jute Rug  (Linked HERE $123)
2.Glass Lamp with burlap Shade (Linked HERE $59)
3.Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree  (Linked HERE $129)
4. Basket for your fiddle leaf fig tree (Linked HERE $49)
5. Textured accent lumbar pillow (Linked HERE $24)
6. Floor Pouf (Linked HERE $75)
7. Pom Pom Throw Blanket (Linked HERE $39)
8. Large Fillable glass Hurricane (Linked HERE $59)
9. Capri Blue Candle (Linked HERE $30)
10. Timeless Wall Art  (Linked HERE $54…

Kitchen Counter & Bar stools for every design taste and budget

There is a sale going on right now at one of my favorite "go to" online shopping retailers that I just had to share! Counter and bar stools marked down to some pretty amazing prices! (Of course my personal counter stools are also on the list...)

Click on any link (above) the picture of the counter stools you're interested in to shop! Lots of the ones I chose for this list actually come in a set of two! BONUS! And did I mention most are way under $200!!!

1. Traditional Studded Grey

2. Clear Back Counter Stools
3.Industrial (Dupes for the $600 version!!)
4.Saddle Stools
5.Vintage Leather (These are Mine :)
6. Clear Minimalist
7.Grey Traditional backless stools
8.French Bistro
9.Modern Farmhouse
Anything catch your eye? I am such a fan of the "French Bistro" counter stools and chairs right now! And those prices are pretty incredible...I was searching those out for awhile in the beginning of summer.  Our set of two vintage leather for under $150 still amazes me! And…

Mommas need back to school clothes too! (Athleisure wear with Target)

With all the kiddos looking fly in their back to school clothes my same old workout gear from last year was looking rough! Ha! Honestly though I'd say 4 days a week I'm in athleisure wear so finding cute, comfortable, good quality AND good prices can be tricky.  Luckily per usual Target came to the rescue!  I found THE cutest three piece outfit at such a great price!  But the best part is the quality. YOU GUYS these pants are like buttttter and the sports bra has the comfiest straps I have tried. (And believe me I try on sport bras like crazy always looking for the best fit.) I'm seriously thinking about ordering the same exact set in the pink.  The bra and leggings are true to size (I ordered my usual Medium...the top runs big..I went with a small but probably could have done an XS too)   (This post contains affiliate links...Thank YOU for stopping by my blog :)

SHOP the workout legging
SHOP the Sports Bra
SHOP the workout tank with strap
SHOP the sneakers
SHOP the sun…

Back to School with Gymboree

Every year I buy the bulk of back to school clothes from Gymboree.  I've always enjoyed their style and quality.  This year was no different so I was extremely excited when they asked me to be an ambassador for the new fall line.  
Gymboree has reimagined their brand with even more versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched!  Their attention to detail and quality that I've known to love is even better!  From the shoes to the hair pieces this new line is nothing short of magical. The girls had the best day shooting some new looks!  One thing I love in particular is how every item can be paired with other items to create a whole new look. The kiddos can really create their OWN style by choosing the looks they love.

Check out the new line online at or check out you local store!
XOXO Tracy

*This post has been sponsored but all opinions expressed are my own.*

Meal Planning (Part II)

After two weeks of the same meals I'd say a change in the menu sounds pretty good!  For two weeks (taking off on Sunday..okay and sort of of Saturday too) I successfully followed the previous meal plan and I'm happy to report back losing almost 4 lbs!  I also have to say that both my husband and I commented to each other how we love this meal "prep" planning because we are never hungry.  In between each meal you can always grab one of the snack options.  The other thing that I really became aware of over the past two weeks was portion control.  Adjusting our portions has helped tremendously and has helped even on our "cheat" days because I now see that most our portions were way too big!  How have you all been doing?? 
This weeks meals consist of four lunch/dinners and three snack options.
ENTREES: (These can be used as either a lunch or a dinner)

1. BLT In each container I added a few pieces of romaine, four slices of tomato and four strips of bacon.  The o…

My first attempt at "Meal Planning".....

Okay friends ...well the vote was basically unanimous..97% of you voted "YES" to an easy low carb based meal prepping plan for the week.  So here we are! I say "low carb based" because there are a few carbs as well as some berries.  However the intake is still very low and definitely in an approved amount for any low carb diet.  
A few things to mention... I did not have the containers and like I mentioned in my stories Monday morning I did not have time to head to Target, Walmart or wait for Amazon delivery so I purchased mine at Publix the same day I shopped.  They were very inexpensive anyways so it worked out fine.  I got two sizes of containers (entree and soup/salad) and I also ended up using some of my existing tupperware. 
The four entrees that I made for the week (I can rotate them for lunches and dinners) do not contain any chicken.  This is because I personally don't like the taste of reheated chicken.  If you do then definitely substitute out some of t…