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The easiest breakfast smoothie everrr!

Each morning after walking our daughter to school we come back home and I blend up one of these quick and delicious smoothies for my husband and I.  We have probably been making these for a year straight. You literally do not get sick of them and it fills you up for hours! Plus it's a great way to get in some spinach and berries (especially since those aren't things my husband would choose to snack on regularly!) Ingredients: -Rasberries -Blueberries -Peanut Butter -Whey Protein Powder (I use chocolate) -Almond Milk ...I also every two weeks switch and buy Coconut Milk -Ice -Water -Spinach There is really no "recipe" for this. What I do makes two (around 12oz) glasses  I start by adding a little ice and a little (very little) amount of water Two handfuls of spinach Handful of rasberries Handful of blueberries Two scoops protein powder Two scoops peanut butter Fill up half the blender with the milk That's all! It's super quick, no p

Summer Basics. Ten items your summer wardrobe will play on repeat!

Summer basics! Here we go!  (Obviously you all know some of my summer basics (like my slides and sunnies that I link everyday lol) so this post has some of the other summer basics that I think will be beneficial to your closet! Summer bags to take you from day to night...the BEST casual Tshirt that I own in three colors and the summer tank everyone is raving about! As much as I wear my wedges from this year I still return to my nude gladiators...they just do wonders for your legs!! And when you all comment I listen...some denim shorts that AREN'T distressed!  1.  Natural Crossbody Bag ($17) 2.  Beach Straw Tote Bag ($34) 3.  Madewell Pocket Tank ($18) 4.  Raw Hem T-shirt ($17) 5.  Plain Jersey Tank Dress ($22) 6.  AE Midi Short cuffed ($44) 7.  Gladiator Sandal ($44) 8.  Knot Front Tshirt Dress ($45) 9 . Black Wide Brim Fedora ($15)