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Give the gift of presence this year! My guide to gifting Experiences!!

 Aside from the "panic" of Chistmas gift shopping in August due to shortages of everything I had decided early on that I wanted to give the girls more experiences vs toys/presents this year.  It got me thinking of all the ways I could "gift" them items that weren't just things that would be short lived and end up in the back of their closet by February.  Here is a list of items to get the ball rolling if you too are wanting to gift much more than toys this some memories!  1. Amusement Parks .  I know this is easier for us Floridians but it doesn't have to be as extravagant as Disney or Universal Studios.  Think of local amusement parks, zoo passes, aquarium passes, resort hotels (Great Wolf Lodge etc). 2. A night away at a hotel! You can order food and watch a love hotel stays!  3. Lessons.   This is the perfect time of year to gift lessons to anything your child has shown interest in.  Music, art, sports.  There are even amazing o