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From a Merry CHIC-Mas to a GLAM New Years Eve! (Collaboration with Treetopia)

Hey Hey Hey!!  Can you even believe Christmas is over?! Thank goodness New Years is right around the corner to keep the holiday spirit up!  This year we are hosting a NYE party which aligned perfectly with my second series blog collaboration with  Treetopia ! Most people I know are very cut and dry about when their holiday decor comes down.  Either the DAY after Christmas or they wait till after the new year.  I for one like to let it linger.  I mean, yes..I do put up my decor super early but believe it or not I don't get sick of it. Twinkle lights on in the evenings give me LIFE!  I will say that I do take down the outside decorations like ASAP.  All those cords drive me nuts!! Ha! Removing your Christmas ornaments from your trees and just letting them simply twinkle is perfect for NYE.  I also like to buy fun NYE favors (which are inexpensive) and stick them all around the tree! Before you know it you have a "New Years" Tree and it feels

Have a Berry Merry Christmas (Winter Cocktail Series with "Be Mixed")

It's Friday and you know what that means....cocktail hour!  This weeks cocktail is a summertime favorite with a winter twist.   Who says margaritas aren't a holiday drink? Well around here they sure are! Have a "Berry Merry Margarita" tonight friends! Cheers! You can find this recipe and others on  .   They have this drink as a spiccccy version but since I'm not too big on hot stuff I removed the jalapeno. Visit the website to purchase all the great zero calorie, no sugar and all natural cocktail mixers! Cheers Friends! Happy Friday! Ingredients: 4  oz. Be Mixed Margarita  2  Strawberries 4  Blackberries 4  Raspberries 1  Jalapeno Slice (This was optional for me) 1.5  oz. Tequila  Recipe: Muddle strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and jalapeƱo slice(s) <if used.> Combine all ingredients into a shaker and fill with ice Shake and pour over ice Garnish with some berries 

Mini Makeover (Half bath small changes with big impacts)

Hi guys! Okay so you could say this project was a secret because I never shared any of the process (which was hard because you know I'm an IG stories kinda girl).  However it makes the reveal that much more fun! (This post may contain affiliate links) Our half bath downstairs was nothing exciting...yet it's the bathroom everyone that comes over uses.  When we moved in I was able to get my husband to at least switch out the light fixture and faucet to bronze and remove the plain builder ones.  After that all I really did was switch out the silver mushroom knobs to bronze and it stayed this way for most the year.  Just recently when I repainted the dining room and the kitchen island with (NAVAL by Sherwin Williams) I also painted the back wall in the bathroom.   OF COURSE I have no before pics of this bathroom.  Well I have this one from a Charmin Ad I did during the superbowl...hahaha I know BLOGGER FAIL.  But you can get the idea. Brown vanity and builder mirr

Eat, Drink, & Be Merry! Winter Cocktail Series With Be Mixed

It's Friday my lovely friends! And it's Christmas time which makes it extra awesome! For week two of my Winter Cocktail Series with  we are going to be toasting to the good life with some bubbly "Be Merry" cocktails!  If you haven't checked out BE MIXED yet what are you waiting for?! These all natural, zero calorie, no sugar mixers are going to change the way you cocktail!  (Plus they make the cutest gift for your girlfriends this Holiday) All these recipes (and more) can also be found on the  Be Mixed  website!  This drink is easy peasy and full of fun! Cheers friends!!  "Be Merry" Ingredients: -2oz Be Mixed Cucumber Mint (Shop  HERE ) -3oz Prosecco -Mint Leaves Recipe: -Chill your Be Mixed and Prosecco -Fill you glass with your Prosecco -Top off with Be Mixed -Garnish with the Mint Leaves This easy cocktail is SO perfect for Holiday Parties!! I mean the name says it all!