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One Room Challenge (Dining Room) - Week 4

Say whaaat?! It's week FOUR of the One Room Challenge people! That means we have two weeks left until our final reveals!! Am I nervous? YES! Am I excited YES! This room has actually completely gone in a different direction than my original vision for it when we moved in (November).  I think that's a good thing though because I wasn't sure of how the house would "feel" before or the "vibe" it would take on once all four of us actually lived in it.  

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My original idea for this room was simple, bright and coastal.  Then as I began actually planning out the design I decided that the "less is more" look wasn't really for me.  It could be because this room sat so bare and empty for months that I just desperately needed STUFF to fill my dining room void. Either way with only two weeks left in the challenge I am feeling great about the transformation thus far.  (Check out the three ORC previous weekly posts on the blog)

This week I focused on adding a few decor pieces.  Now that the wallpaper is up and the curtains are hung it was fun to choose some unique items that kept the room bright and light but added that touch of coastal I wanted.

I want to give a big Thank You to Bealls Outlet for partnering up with me on the gorgeous decor!  If you have never been to a Bealls Outlet you are missing out! They are located in Florida, Georgia and Arizona and carry tons of brand name apparel and accessories for the whole family at up to 70% off! Plus most stores (like mine) also carry home furnishings! Use this link to find your local Bealls Outlet!

Obviously blue is the color I'm going with here, but not just one shade..any shade! Here are the goodies I found at Bealls Outlet! 

I found this beautiful piece of coral and had to have it.  I think by now most of you know me...seahorses and coral are my love language.  I mean it's blue and coral!  No need to say more!

 I thought that this lantern was unique looking plus I love the rope handle.  The inside has a little tea light holder too which is perfect a little dinner mood lighting!  This blue was a little cooler than any other shade in the room so far which also made it a winner! I love that it's beachy but not toooo beachy. Does that make sense? You guys get it! 

On my first trip there I found this framed and matted sea urchin wall art hidden behind some larger prints and I swear I looked around like I had just found someones hidden treasure.  Gray whitewashed frame, white matting and BLUE sea urchins! Best part was the $19.99 price tag! Talk about luck! I hung this piece on the wall opposite the accent wall this week.  I'm digging it next to our black coat closet too so win win.

Okay so let me explain the above.  This, my friends is how I decide on mirror shapes and sizes.  Hahaha. Very, very fancy over here.  The buffet is the main focal point in the room.  Also where the decor is going.  Just like anything I decorate I needed height.  I found those two metallic seashell HUGE (it's hard to tell but trust me) candle pillars over at Bealls Outlet and I swear it's like they were waiting for me.  With so much natural wood happening in the room I really needed something to spice it up.  Done! 

During week one I shared my gorgeous new cross back dining chairs from Lexmod Furniture.  I did keep my two end dining chairs to go along with the four new ones.  While I was out shopping at Bealls Outlet last week I came across this pillow and thought it looked just like the wallpaper.  So obviously I needed to have it.  

And last but not least I found this tall galvanized vase which is also perfect for some height.  I think the magnolia stems look so pretty in it!! Originally I would have thought to stick some palm fronds...but like I keep saying everything I "thought" isn't how it's working out! 

Having the decor pieces out, the wallpaper up, the curtains hung, the dining room is really coming together and now that I have found two potential mirrors for above the buffet I see the end in sight! I have narrowed it down to two and I think I will give each a chance for a few days until I fall in love with one! This way next week I should be able to share more "whole room" shots with you guys! 
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