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Getting Your Home Ready For Holiday Guests!

The holidays are comming- can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week?! I cannot! With the holidays approaching, I figured that this post was very timely.  I'm sure alot of you are currently stressing out about preparing your home for holiday guests and some of you might not know where to start.  Well, let me help you out. If you are struggling, keep reading because here are 5 ways to prepare your home for holiday guests.

* Special thanks to my guest blogger Alex Berger for writing up this holiday blog post*

1. Stock The Pantry
First of all, take note of who is comming.  Do you know thier likes and dislikes? If so, go ahead and stock the pantry and fridge with the things they prefer.  If you do not know what they enjoy, go ahead and ask them.  The reason that I always love to stock the pantry before my guests arrive is for a few reasons- 1) Having food in the house saves you from having the awkward "what are we going to eat" talk. 2) Having things they like already stocked makes them feel more at home and gives them something to snack on between meals, just in case they get hungry.  Last but not least,  3) Extra food during the holidays=better.

2. Exterior Cleaning
When your guest pulls up to your home, what is the first thing they will see? Let me give you a hint: it's your exterior.  While some of them won't care, you know that you have at least a few friends and family members that do judge on the exterior of your home.  Plus, isn't it nice to have a great looking exterior?  Not only will it make you feel better about your home, but a well kept exterior will most definitely help you when it comes time to sell your home and it also boosts the home values of the houses around you.  Keeping a clean exterior has many perks, trust me!

In Florida, there is a company called ZAP Cleaning and they can help you with your exterior cleaning needs such as pressure washing, house washing, roof cleaning, and window cleaning.  They serve the Sarasota area, including but not limited to Venice, Nokomis, Laurel, North Sarasota, North Naples, Bee Ridge, Osprey, North Port, Vamo, and more.  ZAP Cleaning provides fast and reliable services and claims that they can help save thier commercial and residential customers thousands in roof replacement costs.  They say "Here at ZAP Cleaning, we want all our costumers to be extremely satisfied.  We do everything we can to make this happen.  We have worked hard to become one of the best companies with the best customer service.  This helps us to ensure that every customer is happy.   We service the Sarasota, Florida area, where we have steadily built up an excellent reputation.   We strive to keep this reputation by exceeding all our customers' needs.  We work with our cusotmers to make sure that they get exactly what they were looking for."  So, if you are looking for an exterior home cleaning service, call up ZAP Cleaning today!!
3. Decorate
Decorating is one of my favorite parts of the holidays, that's for sure, and when it comes to having holiday guests in town, decorating is essential.  Brighten up your home with lights and other decor options and when they pull up, it will immediately lift thier spirits (especially after a long car ride!)  and get them in the mood to celebrate one of the most fun times of the year! 

4. Shop in Advance
When you are shopping for actual gifts for the holidays, do it ahead of time so that you are not scrambling at the last minute.  This allows you to really focus on the gift of spending time with your family once the holidays roll around and not on the copious amounts of people that are standing in line with you at Sephora or TJMaxx.  This also allows you to focus on keeping them happy at home instead fo leaving them to get your last minute shopping trip out of the way.

5. Furnace Check Up
I'm not sure about you, but one of my biggest fears is having the furnace go out during the cool winter months.  Now, I know that it doesn't get freezing in Florida, but it still has the potential to get cool here and there and wouldn't it just be the worst to have a cool/cold night while your guests are in town only to find out that you do not have working heat?  Save yourself the trouble and get your furnace checked out before your guests arrive.  Also, if for any reason your furnance does go out on you, I also recommned stocking your guest room with plenty of blankets and other cozy essentials!


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