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Welcome to Paradise (Playa del Carmen Family Vacation Review)

As most of you know last week/weekend my family and I took a little trip to Cancun, Mexico! This was the first time we took the girls on an international trip and they LOVED it!  They already had their passports (for the Disney Cruise) so even though this trip was sort of last minute it was no big deal.


This trip came up because my husbands brother was taking his family on a two week vacation there (they live in London) and sadly because of the distance between us our daughters had never met! With Cancun being a 1.5 hr airplane ride for us there was no way we could pass up getting together with them!

They had already chosen their resort in Cancun My husband and I booked through which was SO easy! They even let you include your round trip airport transfer by either choosing a private van or shared bus/van.  They constantly emailed us updates and things to remember and honestly made the whole trip a breeze! I definitely recommend using them!

So how much can you squeeze into a four day trip to Mexico you ask? A LOT! Especially because of the resort we stayed at.  The entire vacation was perfect. Honestly.

Day 1 we landed and got a our private shuttle right to the resort (about 25 minute drive) in a nice clean transfer van with an excellent driver.  My brother in law and his family met us in the lobby and we all sat down in one of the gorgeous gathering areas.  The girls were THRILLED!

We went and had some lunch at one the buffets. (All inclusive resort by the way!)  There were quite a few buffets on the property.  The "International" was our go to for breakfast and I have to be honest I can compare this to two other all inclusive resorts in the Domincan Republic and in Jamaica and their food selection won hands down! There are also multiple "Menu" dinner restaurants to chose from as well.  Plus a "snack bar" that is located in the center of the resort that you could grab food and drinks from at anytime.  The girls were especially fond of this one because the seating was actually swings! How fun right!

Aside for the multiple restaurant selection the drink menus were pretty fabulous as well! You name it they could make it and tons of fun vacation drinks which we all know is super important right! (My favorite was the "crazy monkey" and of course the classic mojito.)

When you come to Mexico there are tons of things to do outside your resort but having only 4 days we really didn't want to waste anytime with travel.  Lucky for us this resort offered onsite excursions!  The property had three natural cenotes that you could snorkel in.   They even provide life vests and googles.  We all did this the second day and it was an amazing experience.  The water was a clear aqua color and so many gorgeous fish could be seen! My daughters thought this was the coolest! (and honestly so did I)

There are also many Mayan Ruins excursions and once again the resort actually had some on the property that you could take little hikes to go see! How awesome right!

The wildlife was another awesome feature about this resort.  There were a few different "Trails" you could take to see different animals. But honestly the coolest was the monkeys!! This resort is literally tucked away in the jungle and in the early morning the monkeys would come around the balconys looking for some bananas (which the hotel had available in your rooms)  Hands down coolest thing ever! Now if the jungle isn't your thing they also offered rooms and suites right on the ocean and pool area.

As most resorts offer there were lots of fun pool activities offered each day and fun music playing.  The night shows were pretty awesome.  We only actually sat and stayed for one because they began at 8pm each night and the girls were exhausted.  However they did not want to miss the "Disney" show.  This show was held in a indoor/outdoor theater and lasted about an hour featuring dancing and singing to tons of Disney movies! It was amazing! Way better than what my expectations were going in lol.

Oh and how could I forget! There is a WATER PARK on the property! Need I say more? They offered a huge water play area for children and another large slide park for older kids and adults.  If you ask my 3 year old this was the "most fun place ever" and that is saying a lot considering she's been to probably 3/4s of Orlando resorts!

This resort was by far one of the best all inclusive resorts for families! However if you were going with just your significant other there are "adult only" beaches, restaurants and pools!  My husband and I took the romantic boat ride down one of the gorgeous natural rivers one afternoon.  The water was crazy beautiful and the hotel provides chocolate strawberries and champagne with glasses as you peacefully get rowed through the jungle like river with a guide who talks to you about the Mayans.  Definitely do this!! Just ask at the concierge desk!

Basically this resort checked off all the boxes and to top it off every single employee we came in contact with was extremely nice and helpful! Good food, good drinks, good activities! The beach was beautiful (although a little rocky in areas which actually ended up being cool because you could watch all the little fish) I would definitely travel back this resort and/or possible stay at their sister resort down the road just to experience something different! If you're looking for a fun exotic family vacation where memories will be made.. this is your place! 

*This review is based on my personal experience and solely my opinions and experiences are expressed. 


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