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Gas is the past...introducing our new electric grill by Current


                                         *This post is sponsored but all opinions and messages below are my own.

    Hey friends! As spring and summer approach I wanted to introduce you to a game changer when it comes to backyard entertaining.  We recently switched over to a 100% electric grill.  If you were wondering what an electric grill might look like.....check out this beauty by Current.

    Current has designed one of the best looking grills I have ever seen!  Elton came home from work one day last week and literally said, "Wow! That's a good-looking grill!".  All this straight from a guy who builds outdoor kitchens weekly.  I obviously love the look as well, but I have to tell you the highlights of this grill go on and on!!

    The Current electric grill is a smart addition to your backyard, literally.  This grill features Wi-Fi enabled control, meaning you do not even need to man the grill; you can literally monitor the cooking process from your phone! With precise digital control, real time app alerts and SmartClean technology grilling just became foolproof.  

    Worried that an electric grill won't give your food that chargrilled look? Think again! The grates add grill marks to your meats and other foods just like a gas grill would. Elton's favorite feature is being able to sear and smoke with one grill thanks to the dual zone cooktop. My favorite feature is probably the ease of operating and the SmartClean auto-clean feature.  When I say ease of operating, I mean it. I'm not usually one to start up the BBQ but ever since switching to Current I feel so much more confident grilling on my own.  You set the dial to your preferred temperature and can watch the grill warm up. It's as easy as preheating the oven! (The grill warms up to 400 degrees in about ten minutes!) The Current electric grill also has connected probes for your meat, ensuring that everything is cooked your desired temperature.

    Over the weekend we grilled the perfect chicken breasts to toss over salad.  We marinated them in Italian dressing and added some seasonings.  Elton threw them on the grill at 400 degrees for about 8 minutes on each side.  They came out absolutely perfect...and look at those grill lines! No more guessing if your meat is cooked through either.  The grill comes with two probes that give you the exact temperature! It's all on the app! 

    If you want to see the Current electric grill in action head over to my Instagram page @sunnychichome and check out my REEL showcasing the grill.  So what do you think? Ready to make the switch to an electric grill?!





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