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Our new two-tone kitchen!

*Disclaimer- This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.  All opinions are my own. Thank you to The Home Depot for sponsoring this post! Post contains affiliate links.*

It's finished!! I know you all have been waiting patiently for me to show pictures of this project! I tried to keep things, for the most part, underwraps because we all love a good BEFORE and AFTER! Am I right?!

Talk about your mood board becoming a reality!! I am in LOVE with this kitchen. With the help of the Home Depot's mobile app product locator I was able to make sure all the items I wanted were in stock before purchasing.  Plus I was able to read the product reviews and get all the information I needed quickly!  Before I share any more looks at the new kitchen let's take a glance at it before the project got started.  

Also just for some extra fun let's throw in what the kitchen looked like 5 years ago when we bought the house!   I'm pretty sure I have never shared these pictures before.  When we moved in everything was so hectic and rushed.  Elton and I ended up choosing a backsplash we never really loved and have regretted it for 5 years.  This project gave us the perfect reason to finally remove it! 

Now, we all know I am a fan of the two-tone kitchen.  I have had one for years already but I always dreamed of changing the uppers throughout the entire kitchen to match with the white shaker island.  However with the counters and the backsplash it just never seemed like a good time.  

Working with The Home Depot this year gave me that confidence I needed.  You guys have no idea how long I struggled with if I was making the right decision!! Ultimately though I knew I needed to trust my gut and go for it! 

I got started on removing the backsplash almost instantly.  Everyone warns you how terrrible this is....well I am here to tell you it's true! We ended up completely removing the drywall.  I would suggest this, it makes the job go quicker and replacing it with new drywall is fairly easy.  Another perk is having a nice clean wall to attach your new backsplash to.  

That weekend the old cabinets came down.  This was also a fairly easy task.  Elton had the whole kitchen prepped within a few hours.  

New lights!!! If you look back at my design board I was originally going with black lanterns.  However the more I thought about it I felt if I was going to change things I might as well really CHANGE things.  I ended up choosing (completely online) these gorgeous champagne gold lanterns on the Home Depot app.  They arrived within days and were so simple to asssmble! Chandelier lanterns linked HERE.

All these white shaker cabinets arrived directly to my front door in massive boxes! They were preassembled!!! I'll link them HERE.  I loved this particular shaker because they resembled my existing brown doors.  I also loved that they featured soft close doors and I could literally order all the exact sizes I needed. I went a little taller over my microwave which I had always wanted! I was also able to order a few extra inches of height above my fridge.

I chose this classic 3x12 white ceramic tile from Home Depot.  It has a wave in it which gives the prettiest shine when the light hits! I'll link the tile HERE.  Calculating how much tile I needed to purchase for the kitchen was easy since the Home Depot app has project calculators! When it came to matching hardware, I originally found some online.  Using the Home Depot app "hardware locator" made navigating the store to the exact handles simple.  Once I was there I narrowed down my choices and found the ones I wanted to use.  Again, by using the Home Depot app I scanned the barcode and the app found the hardware for me online where I could purchase all the knobs and handles I needed! I promise you the Home Depot app and all it's features makes any project easier!!! 

Installing the backsplash went pretty smoothly.  We took one day to apply the mortar and tiles. (Mortar and spacers both bought at The Home Depot.)  Then Elton actually used our wet saw (linked HERE) to cut the tiles and we let that sit.  We actually let that sit for a while just because of our schedules but you can easily grout and finish the next day.  Grouting can be messy but with both of us it actually was not bad.  Elton applied the grout as I smoothed it into the grout lines then we both went on opposite ends with a wet sponge to wipe and clean.  About an hour later I cleaned it all and it was done! I chose a light grout (color "Snow White") which gave me the exact look I wanted! 

Lastly, I added a few new pieces to the kitchen.  New counter stools (linked HERE and a gorgeous new piece of wall art (linked HERE).  

It feels like a completely different room now! I love how the brown cabinets maintain the cozy, inviting feeling I always loved and the white gives it that bright, crisp look! It's the best of both worlds in my opinion! 

One other change I made was switching out our old stove for a backless range.  I really wanted to see all the backsplash and making this simple appliance change makes a huge visual impact! (Stove linked HERE)

I hope you guys love it!! I know I do! It was a difficult project for some of you to wrap your head around (honestly some days me too) but I encourage you to always follow your own design dreams! It's your house and you are the one that lives in it!   Home Depot made this project go more smoothly than I could have imagined.  I still can't believe I measured and ordered all these new cabinets by myself. I used the backsplash calculator to figure out how much I needed and went up to The Home Depot, with the girls, picked it all up and brought it home.  All these tasks that seemed very overwhelming were made easy with the information all found on the Home Depot app!! I really hope this project inspires you to take on something whether big or small, that you have been thinking about! 

As always thanks for stopping by!




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