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Master Bathroom Update: Small Changes BIG Impact

Ever since moving into our home three years ago the only room in the house that I never touched..or really even decorated was our master bathroom.  To be honest I found it hard to even get inspired to decorate it because it just felt so blah. 

After the new year I knew I wanted to take on a small, bigger project (does that make sense?) You know.. a project that takes more time than just a coat of fresh paint and some new decor items.  I was torn between updating our kitchen backsplash and our master bath.  I finally decided on the bath, obviously.

Below I am going to share some before pics and give you all the affiliate links to everything purchased. (Thanks for using my links!)  I will also be going over the vanity painting since that is what I got messaged about the most.  The before and after is so dramatic to me it's crazy we didn't even touch the soaking tub or shower.  I also wanted to point out if changing the floors is too much of a DIY for you everything else can be done to give just as dramatic of an effect! Plus as always yall know I found some great deals!! 

To start I always peruse Pinterest for ideas and inspo.  If you have no idea what you want just start looking at "master bathroom" and I bet you will notice yourself drawn to a particular look! For me it was a navy vanity!  Below is my inspo board.

This wasn't my first rodeo with chalk paint. You may remember in my old house I painted the entire kitchen.  Would I ever chalk paint my kitchen cabinets again with chalk  Well at least not bright white, but that's a whole other story.  Any way in our current house I have chalk painted two single vanities and they have held up beautifully.  For those I had used the KILZ Magnolia Home chalk paint and sealer.  I have also used the Home Depot stuff, Americana Decor Chalk Paint.  All of these have been fine but another brand kept being used specifically in the youtube videos I was watching.  Dixie Belle Paint Company.  Literally every review talked about how great this paint was and how thick and even the coverage was.  I was also intriqued with this powder cleaner they have that you use before hand. 

You can order all your materials straight from the Dixie Belle website and pay shipping OR you can find a local retailer.  That is what I did.  I chose the color "in the navy" and got the 8oz jar.  I also purchased the cleaner called "White Lightening" it costs about $5 and it is a powder you mix with water in a spray bottle to clean your cabinets or furniture before hand. It removes any dirt, grime, oils etc and doesn't leave behind a cleaning residue.  I applied this using a softer sand sponge so that I was cleaning and lighting sanding the cabinet! Genius! (This was the store owners recomendation).  You then just wipe the cabinets clean with some water, allow they to dry in minutes and you are ready for paint!

This paint is amazing! The pictures below are from one coat! One coat!!!

After getting the cabinet box and doors all painted I put the doors back on and sealed with my Magnolia Home clear wax.  I could have bought the Dixie Belle wax (they have a few) but I knew my MH worked and I had some already.  Just having the vanity done and the big mirror down was  making huge changes for me!

I purchased some new hardware from Amazon.  It cost $18 for a pack of ten handles. They have gold, silver and black.  You can find the handles HERE.

Bathroom faucets can really vary in price and I needed two so I was excited when I found THESE on sale for $32!!! That is a steal!!!! These are super nice quality and about half the price they should be.

The mirrors I chose are from Target and I actually already have one in Ava's room above her dresser.  They are great quality and come in two sizes at such an afforable price of  $59.  You can shop the mirrors HERE.

I knew I wanted two three light fixtures and I wanted round globes to give more of a nautical look.  I searched forever for a set I liked.  I also wanted a flat cross bar along the top.  I found these vanity lights for around $65 and they were exactly what I was looking for!! Seriosuly can you believe these great prices?!

Lastly, and what took me the longest to decide on was the backdrop wall.  I wasn't sure if I should stencil, wallpaper or use the peel and stick wallpaper.  Then I needed to decide on the print.  I wanted tropical. I wanted banana leaves....I actually almost went with famous green banana leaves paper but I am so happy I found this more subtle version.  It's affordable, has great reviews, went on nicely and is staying up even with my hot showers!  You can shop the wallpaper HERE.

The runner I chose was one of my most bought items last week! I loved it so much too I bought more for my kitchen!! Here is the RUG LINK website.  It is called the "Kenmare Area Rug".

The changes have made such a BIG impact! Now if you want to take it a step further we decided to get rid of our 17x17 tile floor.  When we laid the wood in the bedroom we also put it in my closet so the only tile left was in my bathroom. (You walk through the bathroom to get to the closet)  I knew we couldnt choose a wood because it wouldn't match up and look strange.  Floor and Decor sold us on this new thin tile in huge rectangles with small grout lines.  SOLD! I'll attach the pick below for anyone interested.  It was a little pricey but we only needed 5 boxes and we didn't have to go through the headache of removing the existing tile which if you have ever done that know is a nightmare!

And that's it folks!! I am in love with the outcome and I finally think the bathroom flows with my style and the rest of the house!

Thanks for stopping by! 



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