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BEST of Beauty!!

It's finally here! It took me two months...but honestly that just gave me more time to decide if I really LOVED some of the newer products I had found over December! When I asked you all what you really wanted to see come the new year the answer was very wanted a blog post of my favorite "go to" beauty products!  Most of the items you can pick up/order right from Target or Amazon or even the drugstore.  Some are super budget friendly and some are a bit more of a splurge.  I do take price into consideration but my main decision is how it works and how conveniently I can get it when I run out! (and who is kidding who here..I like a good deal!)

Below you can find all my everyday items that I swear by and LOVE! I've also included the direct affiliate links to them all!! Super easy and super convenient!

You may recall me talking about how I look more into my beauty products than I did a few years ago.  I try to find more natural items especially for the products I use each day if not twice a day.  My lotions, shampoos and soaps are all now based on ingredients first.  I've also ditched all the girls items and they now shampoo and condition with the same items as me! Sulfate FREE! 

A lot of these items you will also recognize from me talking about over the past two months.  If I agree to sponsor an item through social media it is because I honestly use and believe in the product. (Especially when it comes to beauty ads)  Most of the products have completed changed my routine and I am OBSESSED with name a few that OIL we all love now....the mascara I found that basically doubles your jade roller....and the awesome brow powder that I literally don't leave the house before using! 

Here we go....tried and true! These beauty products are all amazing and I hope you think so too!!!
Let's SHOP!

SHOP the Conditioner
I'm in love with all the OGX products! My shower legit has about 6 bottles of the shampoo and conditioners.  I have tried most of them and although I like certain ones for different reasons..the coconut milk is my favorite!

SHOP the Shampoo

SHOP the Dry Shampoo
I shared the Dove Dry Shampoo a few months back and told you it was a game changer for me! Most other dry shampoos did not leave me feeling like my hair was "clean".  Thanks to this stuff I have officially trained my hair to be washed twice a week! 

The holy grail of eye powder!!! A lot of you were shocked when I first shared this...yes, it can be used to touch up your roots but it can ALSO be used to define your brows! Bonus points because it doesn't come off or fade through the day or by sweat.  This stuff has been a total game changer for me! And you don't need to be a eyebrow specialist to use it! Literally no skills needed lol.

I've tried most concealers out there because they used to be my number one makeup item I "needed" to feel like I could leave the house.  I find this one to be not only convenient to buy but a great price and great quality.  (Truth talk though ever since I began using the oil <listed below> I no longer feel the need to HAVE to put on my under eye concealer!

Not much to say about this stuff. Inexpensive and works just as well as the expensive brands I bought in my twenties :) Older and wiser I tell ya!

I just got into contouring this past year and I found this palette to work perfectly.  I know I wouldn't have ever thought something this cheap (honestly it's like $3) to work but it does. Just fine! I honestly even started using the bronzer side with my brush to give an extra sun tanned kiss to my face.  But I also use this set with my beauty blender.

You may remember me promoting this lotion over Christmas.  The ingredients rock and it feels silky smooth not sticky and keeps my skin smooth and moisturized to the touch. You won't regret this purchase. I haven't tried this lines other products but they have quite a few and other scents.

Is it the best one out there? No way. But I wanted to try out this whole craze and this one got the job done and I love it. 

SHOP Bend Soaps
I am a huge hand made soap advocate (have been for years) and when my sister in law introduced me to Bend Soap Co. I fell in love.  I used to always buy ZUM bars but now I place my orders with Bend Soap right on Amazon and haven't found a scent I don't like.  I also highly recommend the chapstick and the deodorant!

The oil that has literally changed everything for me.  I got rid of so many face and eye creams and now only use this stuff! Morning and night! IT. IS. AMAZING.

SHOP Clay Mask
If you are a face mask person...then most likely you already own this mask.  If not, try it! This stuff is powerful!!! Just remember that when you use it lol.  You can literally feel your face pulsing as it sucks out all the bad gross things in your pores.  Also I should mention the tub it comes in will last forever! I stopped buying my charcoal mask from Origins after I realized this was better, cheaper and lasts so much longer.

If you follow along on social media than you know I gave up on my false eyelash extensions for a few reasons, the time, the money and the scary video I watched of the gross little buggers that live in your eyelashes when you don't wash them!!! I was so nervous about transitioning back to my real eyelashes and this stuff has made all the difference! It's been three months and I now only use it every few days because my lashes are way too long!!! I only buy this straight from the site or Nordstrom.  I linked both for you because Nordstrom is offering a limited edition bottle right now.

My "go to" for years.  I switch it up sometimes with matte lip glosses but this is my tried and true!

As you all know this fall I became a member of an amazing tribe of women here in Tampa! The KNOW Tribe Tampa has introduced me to so many bossbabes in my city and one happens to be the creator of Healium Hair Products!  When I first started using the aiHr Hairspray I was instantly hooked! Little did I know it was also sulfate free, paraben free and had sunscreen in it!!! This stuff is amazing that I had to get you guys a little something extra!  If you place an order at checkout use the code "sunny" and receive a FREE travel size of this awesome hair spray! 

Have you heard of Thrive Causemetics?  I hadn't until my sis in laws sister (did ya get that) stopped me dead in my tracks over Thanksgiving with her crazy awesome eyelashes.  She told me about her mascara and I eventually placed my order.  This stuff is the BEST mascara I have ever used in my 35 years.  It doubles your lashes, doesn't clump, doesn't flake off and comes off with soap and water EASILY!! I will never buy another mascara again.  On top of that they are an amazing company.  They are an all vegan and cruelty free company that for every purchase made donates to help a woman THRIVE.  You can read more about their "Beauty with a Purpose" on their know when you are placing your order! :)

When I made me mascara purchase I also got their best selling eye brightener (to get free shipping if I'm being honest).  However all the reviews and videos about this stuff are true! It is an instant wake up for you eyes! 

This was my first Urban Decay purchase and I never even attempted to try anything else. It works for everyday, for going out, for a "no makeup" look. FOR EVERYTHING,  You are welcome! 

One of my most asked about products! This stuff has been my "go to" tanner for years!!! It goes on weightless, smells great and does not have that sticky sort of feeling most tanners have.  One bottle will last a long time!! I will use it on my face the night before something I want to be a little "sunkissed" for! It is amazing! Obviously another reason I love it is because Coola products are cruelty free, vegan, GMO free and mostly organic! They use the term "farm to face" which I love!! 

There you have it! I hope you added a few products to your cart and try these out!! And for some more exciting news my March Giveaway Box will be containing lots of these products!!! To enter my monthly giveaway boxes be sure to follow me on social media at (Instagram) @sunnychichome and (Facebook) SunnyChicHome and simply "like" my weekly posts! That's all!! 

Happy Friday Babe! 




Dry Shampoo

Eye Brow Powder

Under Eye Concealer

Finishing Powder

Contouring Palette

Body Lotion

Jade Roller

Bend Soaps

Rose Hip Oil

Clay Mask

Revitalash Limited Edition Serum

Revitalash Serum

MAC Pretty Please

Hairspray (Bonus Free Travel Spray)

Mascara Lash Extension

Eye Brightener

Urban Decay Naked Basics


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