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Tropical Guestroom Refresh [Welcome your guests with these 5 essentials you may be overlooking]

Spring Break is almost here and when you live in Florida there's a pretty good chance you are hosting some friends and family!  Bring on the sunshine and fun...lets "Getaway" in our tropical themed guestroom.

No matter where you are living having your guestroom ready for spring and summer visitors is important.  You probably remember shortly after moving in last year we made getting the guestroom up and running a priority.  Just when I had thought (and even wrote a blog about it lol) I had everything covered I realized there were some items I needed to add into our guestroom. Per request of our guests hahaha.  Just kidding! Sorta... ;)

Well first of all our fourth bedroom was originally going to be my husbands office.  However we soon realized we wanted a new king set in our master so our previous queen ended up in the office.... and it quickly became a fun new project...our tropical escape for guests!  That being said the bed had seen better days and this year I was excited to replace it.  

We decided on the Agility Bed by Therapedic.  You may have seen this dreamy bed circulating on social media.  The Agility bed is a Hybrid Mattress (pretty cool right?!) . This means that it includes the support and bounce of coils with the contouring hug of a foam mattress.   Basically it's the best of both worlds.  Another cool fact about this bed is it comes right to your front door in a box!  

Obviously my husband and I tried it out immediately and his comment in the morning was "Are you sure we want your family moving in with us?"  Hahahaha he's got jokes! I'm a side sleeper (and occasionally a stomach sleeper) and this mattress was legit you guys!  It just formed around my body making my shoulders and neck extremely comfortable.  Oh and if your partner gets up a lot or tosses and turns it doesn't affect you.  

Now since I keep it real with you all....we may have already slept on it more than once....and we may sleep on it again tonight....and the odds are in favor that we get one for downstairs. Ha!

Are you ready for the best part?! Agility is offering my readers $100.00 OFF their purchase with the code: SUN100

Okay back to the refresh.....

I also realized hosting family multiple times last spring that I needed a hamper in the guestroom!  My sister for one loves to do her laundry when she's in town so when she gets back home and unpacks everyone it's all clean. However they all needed a hamper for their towels.  I figured a cute wicker laundry basket was all I needed.  You can find really affordable ones like THIS that are cute and functional.  

Next I realized I always paid attention to getting good sheets for our guests but I never really thought about the pillows.  I usually just grab a set of whatever I find on sale at specialty stores.  Now I should have known better because my husband and I use two totally different types of pillows.  He likes large plush pillows and I like flat and firm ones.  Having at least two options for your guests to choose from is a good idea and they will probably really appreciate you for it! 

You probably remembered to get some new fluffy towels for your guests but do you have enough dry hooks?  There is nothing worse than a family of four all trying to hang their towels on your one towel hook.  Finding the over the door hooks with three towel rungs is a good idea.  Or if your bathroom allows for it a large towel rack on the wall is ideal! 

Lastly what our guestroom was missing last year was....a full length mirror! I made sure and hung that gorgeous gray washed wall mirror for our guests but it wasn't full length and let's face it...not being able to see what you look like from top to bottom can be brutal. Especially for the ladies.  My sister kept comming downstairs to our master to use my mirror and I was literally like how on Earth could I have forgotten a full length mirror.  

So there you have it friends! The five changes I made to the guestroom this year.  To see what other little details I like to add for our guests you can read last years post HERE.

Have great Spring Break friends! I hope you all get some sunshine!! 

*(Thank you to agility bed for collaborating with me on this post.  This blog post was written by me and all opinions are my own.)


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