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Front Porch Refresh with Patio Lane!

If Florida could go ahead and turn the heat back on that would be grrrreat! We are currently having our second round of "winter" down here and honestly there is only one reason I'm not enjoying's destroying all my tropical plants and turning all the grass brown. far as the cooler temps I actually love them! I'm sure you all have noticed we use our new fireplace outback multiple times a week BUT what I haven't been showing a lot of is our front porch.  Truth be told that's because the chairs we had up front got moved to the back after the pool and patio were finished.  Sooooo the porch (one of my favorite spots) has sat empty.  But not anymore!!

When we first moved into this house there wasn't actually enough room on the small back lanai for all the patio furniture we had.  So my two large arm chairs went to the porch. Which was fantastic.  On the weekends the girls would go to bed and we would have a glass of wine out front etc.  

Well now that the backyard is all done we needed all the outdoor furniture back together like the set was originally.  So I began thinking about how I wanted the "new" porch to look.  Did I want to buy two more arm chairs, two rocking chairs, a bench?

My husband liked the idea of a bench but he wanted to make sure it was larger than a typical bench (which are usually around 4ft).  So I began my search.

In the meantime a media marketer for Patio Lane ( a local company specializing in custom outdoor cushions and fabrics) reached out to me about collaborating on a blog post.  Talk about perfect timing right!?!  I immediately signed on and got work!  Patio Lane made everything SO easy! 

Usually when you need custom anything it can get a little confusing.  I was going to need to place an order for a custom cushion for the front porch bench.  Sounds like a lot of work but it took me less than ten minutes!  The toughest part was deciding what amazing fabric I wanted to use.

If you are local (Clearwater, FL) you can pop into Patio Lane and see all the fabric choices for yourself.  Or you can get a sample folder with all the options and textures.  On this project I was planning to use a Sunbrella Fabric.  Have you heard about Sunbrella?  It's pretty much what outdoor fabric dreams are made of.  Sunbrella Fabric is durable, UV-resistant, water resistant AND bleach cleanable!  

After going back and forth on a few fabrics (and taking in my husbands opinion) we decided on this gorgeous "canvas navy".  Are you surprised? Ha! I know..I know..I'm so predictable.  My whole house is covered in shades of blue and stripes so why not continue that on the front porch.  

After I knew what fabric I wanted all I needed to do was sign up on and "launch the custom cushion builder".  During this process you choose your fabric, your color, add in your specific measurements, make a few custom choices (like ties, rounded corners etc), and tada!  You just created a custom cushion for your home.  You can use this builder to make anything from outdoor furniture cushions to indoor projects as well! Do you have a window seat? Or a little cozy nook inside your home?  You can make a custom cushion for that! So simple!  

When our custom Sunbrella bench cushion arrived it was packaged up perfectly and when I tried it out on the bench it fit like a glove!! It's nice and firm and gives the plain bench a totally different look!  It even came with paperwork on what to do in case of all different types of stains that could occur on accident.  (oil, wine etc) 

Don't think I would share how amazing our new custom cushion is without including something for all of you!! Patio Lane has been so generous as to offer my readers $50.00 OFF a $500 order purchase!! Just use the code: SUNNYCHICHOME now until 3/31/2018

 I have been enjoying the crisp Florida winter out on my newly designed porch with a cup of coffee daily!! 

So what do you think? Are you going to give it a try? Do you have a piece of furniture that could use a custom cushion?  Let me know if you try it out! Thanks for stopping by today friends! Enjoy your day and stay warm out there!! 


*I received my custom Sunbrella cushion complimentary as part of my collaboration with Patio Lane. All opinions and pictures are my own.


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